So 2 days until Burn it Down is released. And lots of more info.

This new album caught my attention again after I wasn't really into the pre-release info and hype of M2M and ATS, not knowing what they would sound like.

After reading LP are going to put their styles together for this album for the first time I was pretty excited.

I love the experimental stuff on ATS and their return to electronics. And I loved the groovey sound of pre-HT, HT and Meteora which was built on dissonance and "fuck harmonics and classic theory"-like-attitude.

With all that great stuff being mashed together the new album sounded like heaven to me. But a few days later the excitement dropped a little and I thought about what else this could mean. LP enjoyed great success with songs like Crawling, In the End, Numb, From the Inside, New Divide. Now, in my opinion, these songs are pretty pop-ish driven, not as groovey as I like it, more linear.

I feared this could also mean they will be doing this kind of stuff a lot again.

With the release of a snippet by Sonic 102.9 this fear has now grown bigger than my excitement. Clean and single vocals instead of massive voice editing, glitches and doubling. A little experimental but clean produced sound. Linear and not really groovey.

Now, 30 seconds doesn't say much about a full album but it tells a lot about the first single. There's hope I'll get at least a few songs that rock my socks off but the first one didn't really.

* note at moaning people: I never say any song sucks. They are all good but not my very favourites I'd listen to every day.

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Comment by dim'z permana on April 14, 2012 at 6:56am

when you create new album.......?


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