i graduated!i have graduated from no.3 middle school!

seems that all the things happend yesterday,i still remember,so i can't believe it.

this is my last opportunity to watch this school,which I've learnt 3 years in this place。

sad。upset、sorrow……these words can't describe my feeling。

i watched trees in silence。went along this road and touched trees,here is a marking in the tree,it's a Word“fighting!”i remember we classmates got togeter and marked before Entrance Examinations for High School。

“don't forget!”we said with a smile,but everyone‘s eyes overflowed with teers。

“we will back to school 10 years later,don't forget.”

my dear friends,do you know how much i miss you now?

fighting!my friends ,everyone has diffrent prospects.but i hope prospects are beautiful.

i will be always with you,we still get together,though we are far apart, you are always in my heart.

as time gose by.we've been growing up.yeah,time…has gone.we can't catch it,so……we can't go back.

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