..the sound i'm in love with is more then just sound and melody!

it's the power that always with me in trouble and in happiness!feels with me ma happy and sad times!

every time i listen to him,feelin' like he's standing so close to me and his lips are so close to my ears:') melody gets straight into the heart and fills me with strength! the diapason of his voice is wide and i like this most<3 of course it's completely awesome in high tones!! this voice is softer,stronger and deeper at the same time then any other one!!! it's cure for me that heals every scar and makes ma pains disappear far! Chesta's potential in vocal is high!!! too high!!! for me and not only for me!! sometimes (almost always) he sings the tones like even for women they'd be hard to sing! i'm proud of being such a singers fan:')))<3 he sings with his whole heart,whole soul,with whole breathe (that i adore:')) like every part of his self express singing and the words he passes throw his amazing voice get so so close to u<3 his voice really helped me overcome some heavy shits in ma life*-* and it continues doing ! as i said million times ,one of ma biggest wishes is to sing with Chester:''))) yeah i adore singing! it's the best way for me to express ma feelings and by expressing them ma heart and soul breaks free from the pain and scars and fills  with freedom and happiness! maybe if luck's at ma side i'll sing some song with him at lpu meeting*-* (cross fingers) it'd be ...no words*-* X.x most of all wanna sing with Chester "the messenger"<3 love this song much<333 and chesta sings it aww<3 also i love his vocal much in "the down syndrome" "wake me"<3 and the strongest one in "new divide" <333 awesome song<3 the longest scream ion "given up"!!! still wonder how he does this that one minute he can scream like hell and in second one he've got the softest voice ever!! he's magician:D how much i wanna be his student*-*!!! wanna talk non-stop about his vocal and about him but i'm not immortalXD so will create new blogs soon:)

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