(Cause I'm lazy just count this for the LPU too)

I'm transgendered.

Somehow my friends knew about this before I did, or at least had their suspicions. Lol. Even strangers from school
have started asking about me cause of my recent posts on FB and stuff I
did throughout the year and all that.

I'm not surprised. It'll take some getting used to but I'm getting the hang of it. I'm nervous
about passing in public and I don't speak a lot while I'm out because of
my feminine voice, but it's okay.

In the end, it'll all work out.

Just thought I'd let everyone here know why I changed my name/gender, haha

Oh, and I changed my name to Chester because of the great Chester Bennington of LP, duh! I was originally just going to name my child after him, but hey, since I've realized this, why not myself?

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