We all appreciate your hard work!

My  favorite moments with Adam were these two ->

Once Adam read my blog and then he tweeted about it. 

He also sent me a comment:

Thanks for writing this. It's always so great to read these kind of things. I was completely honored to be a part of the LPU Summit experience for you guys. It was one of the best days of my professional career and I'll never forget it.

I was hoping that someone from the LP team would read my blog and those post about Linkin Park, LPU Summit etc. I just wanted to tell them how much they affected to my life back then.

Another favorite moment was when I got got chance to interview Adam. I'm so glad that he had time to answer to these questions :) I just wanted to let to people know how much Adam works for us.

Adam, how are you?
Adam:Good thanks!

What does your typical day consist of?
Adam: I usually get to the office around 9:30AM. First thing I do is go through my inbox, answer any emails that are urgent, then figure out my plan for the day. That might consist of brainstorming sessions, conference calls, meetings, or executing plans we've talked about. I try my best to take some time during the time to help fans out with any LPU-related issues they're having as well. I usually go home around 6:30PM, but depending on what's going on, I can stay much later. When we were in the process of releasing A Thousand Suns, I was working from early mornings until sometimes 11 or 12 at night. Exhausting, but totally worth it. Being a part of releasing that album was a great experience.

What is your main objective of work?
Adam: I don't think there's just one main objective. I guess all of my objectives fall under the umbrella of making the band happy, and doing my best to make the fans happy. I can't always control making the fans happy, but if I do my job and work really hard, I KNOW I can make the band happy. And really, when the fans are happy, the band is happy. 

Well everybody knows you are working for LP. What kinds of questions are you tired of people asking you?
Adam: I guess if I had to choose one, I'm tired of answering "How did you get your job??" Not because I don't want to tell it, but because it's not really an easy question to answer. It really came down to I was in the right place at the right time. This wasn't a job I was shooting for really. It just kind of fell in my lap. And by fell in my lap, I mean I worked really hard to put myself in a place where I was hireable in the music industry.

The other question I get tired of is "How do I get to work for LPUHQ?" because I don't really have an answer. If you want my job just because you want to "hang out with Linkin Park" and "be involved in everything LP does," then this is probably the wrong job for you. I know it sounds very glamorous, but it's still a job. I still have bad days. It's still hard to get out of bed and drive to work Monday-Friday. But don't get me wrong... I'm extremely thankful for what I have and love my job.

plus and minuses things are..
PLUS: It's very rewarding. Launching a new LPU website, meeting fans at Summit's, seeing the band succeed. Those are all things that I can sit back and say I played a roll in. Watching LP play a packed arena and knowing I play a small part in the "LP machine" ever gets old.
MINUSES: Lots of ups and downs. When they're off cycle, things can get slow. I much prefer when we're really busy.

Hope you enjoy my answers. Thanks for asking them, and thanks for being a part of the LPU!

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