the devil sat on the rock..mocking me
he said you are so blind and u can’t even see..
and even though he smirks as he sits up higher
he should knw that I grew up tastin the same fire..

its not a sign of weakness, this tear
n when I look through my clouded vision what I see in him is a cold fear..
then he tries to lead me towards the precipice
Hell brother, if ur gonna throw me down, its me whom u goin to miss..

u burn down my world with ur numerous tries
y cant u understand that I can build another paradise..?
time is the thief who robs you in daylight
yet sometimes we can’t see it coz the fires of hell burn too bright..

you spew out venom on me and say that I am always wrong
but to slay you all I need is just a song..
had made a pact with God the day I was born
that I would stand my ground even if my sight was gone..

you just had a very rare taste of heaven
but if you can’t understand’s ok..ur forgiven..
and while you go about putting me on a seat of pain and guilt
you forget that the very ground u walk on was the one that I built..

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Comment by Crystal Furtado on April 9, 2010 at 5:12am
Gud Work Diago !!!!

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