Walking in the dark
Pacified by the dark
Here I am with a breaken heart
Which way do I turn
Whom do I turn.
Sometimes it's an angel
Sometimes it's the devil
Who is walking that darkened path with me.
Time will tell the tales.
Destiny is started with every sun break.
Walking the same road creates a natural path.
You choose which way to walk.
The person walking that road may or may not be the one that I choose to follow.
Limited options are not what I desire.
Give me back the control.
This is when I will expose my truth and my natural destiny.
Only my closest will ever know.
I hope that means something to someone either today or in years to come.
Struggles will continue but I hope to be strong enough to overcome.

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Comment by María José Musmanni García on August 30, 2013 at 2:44pm

Is great


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