NOTE: -It's been a very long time since my last blog post

---------------HERE IS MY BLOG POST ABOUT THE TIME I'M IN 10 GRADE--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-Now i'm in 10th grade, it's pretty important to me kinda like a base for you to step into another big step so obviously that i'm very busy at this time and they all matter to me. A very frist day i really feeling great and feel different and then i get closer to my new friend, my teacher move a vice class sits behind me i dont know why me ad him get too close, not really like hang out, text or chit chat all of the time, is kinda like always talk and he usually make me laugh a lot. One more thing that i dont know when i've lliked him???? he's a nice guy to me, 1m75 tall, white, big brown eyes, smart( he's not a nerd), funny, totally good at math and physics, kind,... suddently after i talk to another guy not really close few days more he's turn to another to talk with just like the way he did to me, so i cant do nothing but try to get him back by study hard to get great scores( because he likes smart girl). So at that time i have 2 thought. Frist is he's did that bcuz he dont want me to talk to with another one or somethin else around those boys, second is maybe he already known that i like him so he did that just for test me that do i a really good girl n blah blah blah.......... all the time he didnt talk to me, sometimes he just look at me with a mistery eyes or fake a smile,.... thats really make me worry that he wont except me to be his gf or best friend. So i asked few of my friends they told me that i should tell him the truth, some say that i should be his true friend because nothing can be stronger that friendship. It's happen about 4 days, i none stop crying at night or just when i think about that and feel like rocks in my heart. Now i dont know why everything is kinda get back to normal. We start talking like usually and have more fun????? He's a very frist guy i've been impressive. I always try to use the time when he online on Y!M to share or talk in private to make him knows more about me. Out of that my studying still good and normal, nothing have a big twist. I'll be back for more!!! 

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Comment by Anwesha Mohapatra on October 7, 2011 at 1:22am

Good. But it might be infatuation. I'm younger to you, I'm in 8th grade. I think I'll go with your frnds, you shud tel him when he's online!

Hope it goes great for you! :-)


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