Hey u guys

 just her righting from school i'm so tired today and I'm in class


  well let me tell u when this get bad don't cry but get up and smile evey thought u want to scream out to the world WHY YOU

don't worry you"re not the only one my has not been the best but known that she needs me I'm their for her i Don't want for her to die woth speding time with her she is bad from her health her liver does not work at the rate it should and well they just put her a permachth (don"t know if i wroth it right) and well she is getting dailys and well i'n theri by her side and my dreams of one day singing with linkin park have not faith away their still and stronger then every okay got to go before i get into troblem Later people take care AND REMEMBER DON'T LOSE FAITH THINGS HAPPEN FOR A RESON -ELIZABETH F.

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