it was my 1st time to dream abt them,and it was horrible coz i ended up crying haha..
the dream was like im in the mall,sitting and waiting for something,then i turned around and i saw mike and robert.i went to them then asked for their autographs,i kept saying ''oh my god'',and my bro even heard me talking in my sleep,he said i kept saying those words and that's really embarrassing,it's a good thing he just heard oh my god,coz in my dream i was saying lots of things,anyway back to the dream,i called robert ''brad'',so after taking their autographs,i was wondering how come mike was smiling really energetic and cute while rob was like mad and pissed off,i was still smiling back to my seat thinking ''omg,i just met,robert and mike,i just handshake with them then just realized that i called him brad,i said oh my god again for like a hundred more times and ran to them and apoligized to robert,it's like i was begging him to forgive me that i felt really really guilty and started crying and then i woke up...
it was really a relief that it isnt true,coz til now ,im still guilty about it even though it was just a dream..but i still wish to met them though and this time the whole band and not just the two of them..
i wonder why chester wasnt in it,i think of him most of the time..that dream was unbelievable coz i know all of their names,actually theyre the only ones whose names i know,coz usually i just learn other band's vocalist name unless it's a trio..

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