I dreamed that I got to the store where Mike Shinoda was selling tea. I bought him a couple of packages, though I was in presyncope. Shinoda is the same! I had never seen alive! When he left change for my bill, then here came Chester, came to watch Mike tea. He gave me a smile from ear to ear and nodded. I, too, nodded and held out his hand.He shook my fingers, my left hand, my creative hand. and gave him a folder with my pictures, I would have been nice if he liked it. I stood and watched watched watched. and finally woke up. Thank you, Linkin Park, so that even though some fans may behold you. I have no way of getting to your concert, sorry of course, but such is the fate.I'm not one of those who cry, guys, come to us! "I want to get to your concert! I think it is somehow disrespectful towards the LP. they without us know that they have a lot of fans who are waiting for them.
for me Linkin Park is a light at the end of the tunnel, the force, vital force, when I'm happy, I sing the songs when I'm sad I listen to their songs and they are energized to overcome all problems.
often it happens that people say to me, Irishka you a saint, you're right, you say the wise thing and I'm so sorry that you can not hear.So far, fans have the confidence, respect for favorite band, then the group will meet the same, they will delight us with his works, we kind of play a role in the creation of Linkin Park, because for me it is important to the mood of the fans. hell, I understand that this is how to speak into the void, but I think I by anyone hears and understands what I mean.
I do not want to speak directly to specific ... everyone should get it and understand the extent of his education and intelligence.
Peace To Your Home, Your Paradise.

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