Easier to Run Harry Potter fan video Screenplay

(this is just the rough draft/basic idea of it... I never got around to fully typing the full screenplay)

Focus on Hogwarts Castle, guared by Dementors – zoom in // Switch to Linkin Park – in Hogsmeade, by the grounds-entrance to the Shrieking Shack // Focus now on the exterior of the Gryffindor Tower; zooming into the Gryffindor Common Room - where we see Harry Potter sitting in a chair by the fireplace // Harry starts to sing the Chorus // Camera focuses on Harry for the first half of the chorus – switches to Chester Bennington on the latter half of the chorus // Camera rotates out to show the band as a whole – rotating to show the band from the rear // Harry is now walking in the Forbidden Forest {as he did in POA with Prof. Lupin} // At the start of the Pre-Chorus; focus on Mike Shinoda, as he sings the verse // Pan out to include Chester in the latter half of the Pre-Chorus // As Chester starts the Chorus; rotate focus on the individual band members // Toward the end of the Chorus; switch back to Harry, now in the Third Floor Corridor {same corridor as in POA when he was searching for Pettigrew} // The portraits show miscellaneous memories from Harry's past – Dark Memories (from "That Fateful Night" to the Dungeon {with the Stone} to the Chamber to the Dementors to the Return of Voldemort {if GOF comes out before I get this made – which if it does, expect this to be re-written – again} // we then move to a potrait of Mike singing // Camera zooms in and the portrait turns into the live shot of Mike singing // as the Pre-Chorus nears end; camera moves to another part of the Hogsmeade Forest {where Hermione found Harry after finding out that Sirus was his Godfather} where we find Harry sitting on a boulder, looking as if he were crying // Harry remains seated on the boulder while he sings the Bridge {"Just washing it aside, all of the helplessness inside. Pretending I don't feel misplace is so much simpler than change"}// On "change"; camera shows Chester on that same note // Remain on Linkin Park throughout the Chorus // During the vocal outro {song time – 02:54-03:16} Show Linkin Park on Chester's lines; Harry on Mike's line // During this outro, Harry is in a cemetary // At "to the grave"; show Harry walking by a particular tombstone, then vanishing // Fog rolls in during this sequence // Ending instrumental shows the camera, zoomed in on that tombstone – it's Harry's parents

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Comment by LinkinPark1990/chazychazy1990© on November 29, 2010 at 5:23pm
that f**** s**** is so cool
Comment by ninja phoenix on September 23, 2010 at 5:36pm
Holy s**t bro! I didn't know you thought of this :P Damn good... hope you can make it some day :)


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