Well, life sucks but at least i'm on the LP site which is helping me a lot.

Listening to "Crawling" right now due to me being recently raped 3 days ago in my area where i live and getting help right now so...

i'm so glad Linkin Park saved my life.

At least with the help i'm getting and Linkin Park's music helping me too and my friends and the police and all that... this is a great thing for me to overcome my rape and my past. I have been raped 11 times now from childhood to now... But at least I'm moving on...

I plan to get my album for my first band Empty Existence with the album called "Silence No More" done and get my other project untitled right now that is a Rap-Metal band that I started with a rapper friend of mine.... I'm lead vocals of that project... we're discussing the lineup, site ideas and other shit including working a demo and a full-length album after that.... oooh cooly!

I am getting better now and I gotta go to counseling this week so bye...


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