It's serbian rap song,it's really romantic and I love it :)
I translate it very rough :P


From the beginning on our place again I stand,
tears slipping like sky cries,
thunder in my heart now hear even bigger,
and I have to do what you once said,
to forget everything,
disappear in the darkness,
our story,and heart to recover.
It is not easy baby, because all this hurts,
shortcut to hell you are,
and remember only how much I loved you,
when I see you baby,
Today I know that I didn't get over you.
I don't know how to describe the pain and if I know
that every rhyme is still hurting you.,
and darkness is cutting me,
I can't without you
and alone again to fight.
I throw the rhymes because i feel better
I know you're not here
And in the shade of pond I see loser,
it's me,
I'm not like before.
Memories break;
I drink one glass,
others come to me alone,
All are coming together .
I am trying to lie the others,
myself to not love you,
And I can do without you,
but when I walk by the place where i kissed you,
I see you,
fall in love again turn around baby,
Let me I'm cursed!!
And now nothing makes sense
Love is gone
And I still stand on the old
Place as before ...
Baby this year have your name,
I know that words no longer mean
But I have nothing else
Except to say I love you ...
I remember when you once said I'll love you forever baby
Now I realized that forever is not eternity!
Cigarette smoke through the mists dragging
I look at the other,
But my heart still beats for you
You're not the same or the same I,
Time has changed everything,
Luckily feelings toward you never!
I still belong to you ...
Know baby I will never love you as who I am

I'll post other part soon :)
comment ;)

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