Hi ;D

I'm sooo excited!!!

Here in Norway, we have a yearly festival going on in June-July, the first week in the summer vacation. It's called Hove. I've never been there before, but this year I'm going to be a voluntary there. It meens that I'm working for 2 days if I want 2 days off. A good deal!


They have already told us some of the performers, including All Time Low (I listened to them yesterday, and I liked it).

They are going to tell us a headliner this tuesday, and I am so excited! They have give us these hints:

"American group, lots of fans, who haven't been mentioned much here, not been to Norway before, including both drums, bass and guitar in the lineup."

I don't know, but I reeeeally want it to be Linkin Park! (Of course I do.) It would be fantastic! It's sure many other bands that are matching these hints, though...

We'll see! Hope for the best ;D

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