First Blog Ever: Im tired of school!!!!! 26 Jan 2010

So basically I just entered school about 2 weeks and a half, and I wanted so badly to take it out of my chest because its bugging me that almost every fing day I have at least 5 homeworks which at least 2 are to write down an essay, now I had about only 2 days that I had, and thank god for that, only 1 homework. So this I write only to express myself, you don't need to comment but if you do I really appreciate it. Just so you know Im not used to write blogs, so basically this is my first one :).

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Comment by Nathan Fraley on January 27, 2010 at 8:48am
Hay man we all have our ups and downs but what i do is look at the little stuff.That makes us happy Like 4 instance my girlfreind just broke up wit me we have been dateing for bout a month.An I feel like shit but i look at the little things that gets me happy.So yeah we have our ups and downs.

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