Okay, so I've never done a blog before. Well I'm going to my first ever Linkin Park concert with my friend Taylor on January 31st in Philadelphia, PA. Linkin Park has been my favorite band since I was 9 or 10 years old and I'm 19 now, so for about 10 years. I actually remember my first time getting their CD. I bought Hybrid Theory and a few weeks later they were performing a concert in my town, I wanted to go to it so badly but I wasn't allowed to. Over the years they still remained my favorite band, I remember whenever my friend Taylor and I would stay up for hours watching their LPTV episodes or whenever a music video of theirs would come on tv we would freak it and be like "It's a sign, someday we will see them live" well I guess it's finally coming true. Words cannot explain how I will feel about seeing them live, I will literally be like a kid in a candy store..this experience is going to be better then going to Disney world and I've never been there, but this concert will top it, I won't have to go to disney world after this. lol. Seeing LP in concert has always been a dream of mine, but I never had the money to do so, and they never came to my town, they usually went 4 or 5 hours away. Well Taylor and I are driving 4.5 hours to see them and I know there's probably people who have traveled a lot further than that, but I think that's commitment! and I'm tired of people saying Linkin Park sucks now because they've grown out of their Hybrid Theory and Meteora years, I have supported them from Hybrid Theory to Collision Course and I think their new music has so much depth to it, not to say that their other music didn't have a deep meaning to it, all of their songs can speak to people in some way or another. What some people don't realize is that everyone matures and learns from experiences and moves on from something that happened in the past and the..I don't know how to say "self lyrics" the lyrics that they wrote about in the past aren't really in their newer stuff, or maybe it is, maybe I'm hearing it totally different lol. 6 more days until the concert and I'm super duper happy, I told Taylor if I see them or meet them I would probably fall to my knees and praise them because in my eyes they are Gods. They have inspired me in so many different ways. They were the first band that inspired me to start writing music, to get into art and to sing and get my emotions and feelings about situations out on paper. They have helped me through so much, and I know I'm talking like they were actually their for me..well they were their music was, and I thank them so much from the bottom of my heart for writing such beautiful and wonderful music from their emotional melodies to the rap and screamo it's all amazing. Linkin Park will always be my favorite band no other band can compare to them in my eyes, and ears. 

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