I made this account many months ago and i kept forgetting to go on here! I remember when I first started to fall in love with Linkin Park (around late 6th grade), I would go on LPtime.com every single day to see what was going on. I would research EVERYTHING about them. When they formed, who were former members, their older music, just everything. I was obsessed and i still am! Just not as severe as when i first knew who they were xD

As of now, I'm still in love with them as much as i did many years ago :) They are the one true band that helps me when I'm down. They are my go to bad and they just help me so much. I have no idea what i would do without them. So many people don't understand what fans like us feel for LP. No one will understand unless they fall in love with LP like all of us fans.

Besides Linkin Park, i want to go on this site more. It would bring back so many memories from my "I HAVE TO CHECK EVERYDAY TO SEE WHAT'S GOING ON" phase. It will be great :) I'm going to try to go on LPtimes again cause i miss that site! It was fun to go on and i loved to read the interviews and learn more about the members views about things or the new things they are doing at the time.

I also made a KoRn account so i have to go on that more often as well! :)

I hope i'll be able to meet some awesome LP fans on here <3

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