I love your music ... you are everything to me .. I am your fan since my dad died .. listening to your music for the first few times I felt that there was pain in my heart became .. a pleasure, love is what it became, I was alone at home because my mother was always at work .. from morning until six o'clock in the evening he came home at 01:00 for lunch .. in the family I never had a good situation there were only ever fights. I cried more and then put your songs and I imagined being on the stage to gether with you who sang with Chester and I felt better, went all evil .. honestly, now I am listening a lot. in the sense of it all started when I was 10 that when my father died .. Now I found a guy, I'm almost a year and I'm fine. although sometimes I miss your voice CHESTER're my idol. I love you:) my dream is and will forever be to meet you and sing with you .. and I would tell you many things that have happened to me .. ugly things, but do not have time for me .. xD sorry for the long post, however I wanted to thank you for having been neighbors for quite some time. I know I know I look crazy if I say so. I've never even seen, however, hope to contact me xD I hope so much .. I love you and sorry for this poem xD

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