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Here are the lyrics to the song on the previous post:

Lockjaw/ Adapt:

I stare
Into the unknown, with a look of despair
What was my fault? What wrong did I do?
Why have you left me miles away from you?

Alone in this unfamiliar place
You have no idea ‘bout the pain I face

I am not used to being so far away from home
No more kisses and hugs, just chatting on the phone
I promise you I’ll never ever let you down
Please pick me up and take me back to town

Days, weeks and months went by;
I couldn’t adjust, but didn’t cease to try
Post all my effort, and a time so long;
I realize that this is where I belong

Now when I’m home, I wish I was here

At the start of it all I felt so trapped
But in the end I could successfully adapt

It’s not an easy thing to live so far away from home
I was dependant on you, and now I’m on my own
My fear was killing me from the inside
Now that you were no longer by my side

It wasn’t easy for me to stay away from home
But now I have no reason to crib or moan
I am independent; I’ll take care of myself
And I no longer need to ask for your help

(Written by JanV from G-Minor)


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