I am a kind of person who doesn’t get myself into anything so deep; to prevent my mind from being possessed. I saw the movie Dante’s Peak and there was a scene that a grandmother had to get herself in that damn hot lava just to get a stupid doll her granddaughter dropped during the run-for-your-life. A doll & grandmother ? Trade off ? Oh..please!!! 

Right after that moment I decided not to collect anything so worthy. I stopped collecting movie magnet (in Thailand, at that time, the cinemas gave a flat movie magnet for each ticket you bought). I tried to reduce my desire in everything to get my mind free from being worried about how to keep things tight.

But years after, I found that one thing I can’t get away is the music CREATED by a band, you know, we know, LINKIN PARK. 

They have growing steps that make me feel like the music is something I can grow old with. I can say that they are one of several reasons I keep moving on when I have to struggle with problems and troublesome in my life. 

Yeah, Meet & Greet, session in BKK concert was a bliss. Thank you for coming even it was such an exhausting time for you. I appreciated that. 


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