So, my day began very early, because I had to go to school on the day when the concert was.

I was so excited that I cound't be quite in my class and I just slip back and forth on my chair.

I was so happy when school was over. I nearly ran to my house, where my mother was waiting for me.We had so much time left, but I was so exited that we arrived at the train
station 2 hours before the train we had to take even arrived.


In front of the arena, there were almost a few people, and I was so happy when I was staning in the row. I had to wait 4 hours, till they opened up the doors. My heart
was beating very hard as I ran down the stairs to the stage. I
couldn't believe that I was standing at the front, just one guy was
in front of me.


The arena was getting full very fast and the mood in there was amazing! The people were just waiting for the guys.


The opening act was very good ;) but of course we were all waiting for just one band.

And then the lights went out and everybody starts screaming. I felt that my heart almost jumped out of my chest.


The first guy that I saw on stage was Joe.   I stared screaming so loud and then there was the moment were I saw Mike....Mike*-* haha, I almost cried when I saw him.


The audience was so loud, I loved it!:)


I think it was a good choice to play “The Reqiuem“ and “Wretches&Kings“ at first. It mades the crowed go wild^^


But then there was one of my favourite moments. When “Lying From You“ started, the whole crowd just went crazy! The audience was so loud singing in the chorous, it was

You saw that the guys on the stage had so much fun.


And my second favourite moment was when Mike pointed at me with the camera during “Crawling“. I was so happy and just smiled. I know he's always doing this on stage, but
when your one of the persons your really happy and your mind went
crazy! Haha


One more Highlight of the show was for me when they played “Faint“ and “One Step Closer“. I love to hear the old songs live, because the whole crowed knows the lyrics
and is singing very loud !:)

But I also loved to hear “Waiting for the end“ and “Iridescent“.

I love to see Mike singing a slow song on his keyboard. That's always a magical moment.


I knew that the end was near, when they begun to play “Bleed It Out“. It was an amazing choice to put this song at the end. And then in the mix with “A place for my
head“ it was just phenomenal!!.


yeah this is my story about my first concert of Linkin Park:)


I hope to see them next year again..of maybe also this year^^ who knowsxDAnd I really hope to get a chance to go to a Meet&Greet! OMG that would be awesome!*-* ...ME holding the guys
hands...omg when I think about that, I begin to dream^^


This was really one of the best days in my life!!!:D


Guys! Keep Rocking! Love ya soo much<3


kisses from germany<3


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