One word: amazing!

This concert was simply stunning; I will start writing about the things I mentioned as "bad" last year.

Last time I felt Mike was a little quiet - but didn't exactly say it was bad - which changed again. It was nice interaction and his stage action seemed more alive.


Now, for the most important point, the sound:

In my blog post about the 2010 show I mentioned the sound wasn't perfect (in my opinion). It was a nice idea to make everything fit and sound like ATS but I wouldn't want a sound like that again on older songs. This time, it was just perfect. The sound worked well for every song, the new ones had their ATS atmosphere, the old ones had their typical sound and drive and everything had a nice volume in the mix. The mics seemed louder this time so it was a better experience. The guitars were taken out of the ATS-field and had a great sound throughout the concert. I'd like to thank you, LP, for this. I don't think you and your engineers did it because of my blog post but it's a funny feeling to see something being changed that I criticised (you even played Papercut again :D).

I'd also like to thank you for putting that little Reading My Eyes into Bleed It Out, that was a great surprise and absolutely cool. I wonder if a lot of people recognized that verse.

Blackout live is great. I love that song and never thought you'd play it live, thanks.

Chester did great this time, I think he was only off once and the screams sounded so much better this time. Although he looked kind of sick, great performance.


The stage was well set up and worked better than last time. Putting every interesting part on the big screen was very nice (love watching Joe at work!). Props to whoever did the camera/screen work.


Again, it was quite quiet before the show and it's less and less young people. I like.


All in all, simply great! After last year's show I feared it would stay that way (the sound and all, which was ok for an ATS-atmosphere show) but you proved that you're still LP, loving your fans, being proud of your roots. Thanks a lot for the concert and the message you clearly communicated (literally @Mike).

See you next time and have fun on all those concerts that are still ahead!

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