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First I would like to say thanks to RTR:BR, for invite me. It’s a honor being here talking about this man, whose talent and dedication, marked a generation.

Starting with what really matters, what would be the first word that comes into our heads when we think about the Big Mike Shinoda? Talented, creative, smart, visionary, charismatic, funny… It’s a lot of adjectives. So we can say that, even being multi-instrumentist, Mike has ‘multi qualities’. Of course that I didn’t forget the fact that he is beautiful and wonderful, and I believe that everyone, with no exceptions, agree with this affirmation.

The people always ask me things like: Who is the best musician of our days, and the answer is on the tongue and you now what it is.

Besides everything that I said above, Mike’s even formed on Arts & Design, he paints, he paints! And his paintings are fantastic, where he expose his ideas, opinions of critical & creative form. He could be fine being a painter and having the music as a hobby, because he has success on the both careers. Yes, he’s a complete artist.

It’s impossible to talk about Mike Shinoda without talking about Linkin Park. This year, I had the opportunity to watch them live. I don’t be tired of saying that was the best day of my life. The band that I call ‘my addiction’, in front of me, playing the songs that remember my childhood until the new ones, those are amazing, the member that I have like idols, the fans singing together the songs that they don’t know more how many times they’ve listened and keep listening today. I really felt in family there.

Michael Kenji Shinoda, you are one of the most amazing people that I know, in reality not personally, but I would really like it. I appreciate for your care and attention with us, your fans and for your music, whose the big meaning was responsible for every step and obstacle that I pass through my life, not just in my, but in a lot of people too.

A happy birthday full of everything that’s good.


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