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Due to the flood happening in Central Thailand right now, Music for Relief may not come here yet. I don't expect that and don't blame. It is just because we have to learn how to manage and survive what we're facing. Millions of people here in local area are in bad situation. And millions of us are trying our best to help them as well. 


How bad is it? It is enough to make me feel so stressful and paranoid, being feared of the water to get to my house. I'm thinking about it all day long even there had not been any history about flooding in my neighborhood because many flooded area HAD NO INCIDENT neither. The food in super market ran outta stock today. No eggs. No instant noodles. And where are we gonna find the eggs when more than half a million of chickens got drown?! I'm not gonna force the rest of survived chickens to lay more eggs.I'd rather live without eggs for a while and the chickens get healthy & peaceful farming.

at Arena 10, thousands volunteers crowded there by the power of social media and
the owner of the place since he is the big famous business man, an idol for teenagers

A kid I saw at Chevron office, another volunteer work place,
he seemed to have a lot of fun helping packing the kits


A guy rushing to move survival packs from room to room 


I have volunteered for packing the survival kits for flood victims, held by Chevron (Thailand), yesterday (Sunday.) There were many volunteers coming to help packing at the day. Some more thousand were at the other places that were doing the same thing. If you came to Bangkok at this moment, you will see lots of voluntary work around the capital. 

I have took some snap shots while working in the volunteer time. You can't see my face here because I wen there alone. However, I have LP purple t-shirt & Music for relief as my company :) They kept me so energized!!

If you wish to see more photos, please go here. I have uploaded them in my facebook. And... last but not least, PRAY FOR US!!

Thanks & See yah :) 

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Comment by Shafayat Hossain on October 24, 2011 at 1:52am
yes,there's no point in giving up!try to find fun in any case,we're in this world for fun!
Comment by Napatsorn Thongadisai on October 19, 2011 at 7:09am
Yes, I agree with you. come on right now. please.
Comment by nikoshinoda on October 18, 2011 at 9:51pm
Cheers up na 2gether ^_*
we're not alone&don't give up !!


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