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It's May now! I like May. Finally no snow, we can whear summer shoes, less clothes, people gets more happy, and so on. We had actually a very warm April this year, with waaaarm weather! Now it's very rainy outside, too bad since May 17th is Norway's national day! Then we have a lots of "bands" in the streets that plays marches (u know, bands with trumpets, drums, clarinets, saxophones and so on?). My friend likes to call "Hands held high" as our "May 17th song", because it has drums in the beginning xD


Anyway, May 26th and June 1st, I'm having exam in Norwegian!! I don't stress about it tho. I would freak out if I had exam in math!! :p We have actually not so much more to do at school than exams now, that is sooo good. 3 exams, and I'm finally finished with high school, after 4 years. Then I can look forward to two Linkin Park concerts, a festival, trip to Amsterdam, Ten Sing festival in Germany, aaaand the school I'm going to! At school, I'm going to Spain, Marocco, Italy and Greece during the school year, that's awesome:3


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