here is another one. Well I guess I had too much Hands held high before that, the idea of the song got stuck in my head and I wrote my own version...


In a time like this where war is always a solution
How can we just sit around?
Like paralyzed by what is going on
How politicians act like there is no need to think
We better wake up; stop them from doing their thing

Do they believe we’re dumb and too blind to see
Stupid enough to trust the news on TV
People who accept a faked reality
Not knowing a thing ‘bout world policy

Trust me; we can decide black from white
And don’t you come and remind us of pride
Proud being what? Taken home with the flag on your coffin?
Another soldier suffering in a war
Which doesn’t bring you the profit you were hoping for?

Do they really think we’re dumb and too blind to see
People who accept a faked reality
When they manipulate the news on TV
Not knowing a thing ‘bout world policy

But dear wise men, don’t you feel too safe
Maybe we’re not moving, but don’t conclude we don’t think

Even a child can see that killing innocent people isn’t the way it should be
Do you want to be the one?
Telling the little girl daddy won’t come home no more
No more good night stories, no more playing in the pool

Do you believe we’re dumb? We don’t see?
Our fathers and sons dying for the good cause,
Which was made up before
Only to justify this fucking war
To smother our questions
But listen, it doesn’t work no more

We won’t keep quiet anymore
We have to focus on bringing this to an end
For all the tears and to assure
You have no chance to do it again

We stand up, fight back
Make you feel like hell is in front of your door
There is no excuse for what you let happen
Still defending this stupid war

So were you that dumb and didn’t think ahead
I hope you can’t get sleep at night and do regret
For the little girls who will see daddy no more
For all the people suffering and dead
Because of your good caused war

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Comment by Annika Kamradt on February 5, 2010 at 3:36am
the two are the ones kinda insprired by linkin park. if a have a dream which is soooo unlikely to come true, it would be working on a song with mike shinoda. he's so creative, extremely focused on the things he wants to express. i love him just for being himself
Comment by Pelle Mikko on February 5, 2010 at 3:33am
you write so good
your sense of humor is perfect
i like story behind your words


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