Yeah I know that the title of the post is as stupid as it can get, but of course what would you expect from someone that just joined  this awesome community?

First of all I`ll introduce myself cause I remember my mom telling me how good raised I`ll look if I`ll do this the first time I meet new people.

My name is Oana, the other two names are not as important as this is. I don`t really like my name but i don`t think that I`m the only one in this situation.I`m 20 years old and I`m in college.

Second of all I`ll tell you how it all begun and when I say all, I mean me falling in love with Linkin Park.

It`s been 7 full years since I first heard Linkin Park but I still remember the day in which i started to be a part of this awesome experience. I wasn`t into music as much as I am today but I think i knew how to put  music into different categories. From that day it was cool music and the other part of music. Cool music ment to me Linkin Park and later Limp Bizkit , Green Day and some romanian bands were added to the list.

"In the end" was the song that caught my attention. I loved it from the very start. I was sitting on a bench near the door and one of my friends was like " Duuuuude check this out. You`re about to fall in love with music as we speak". She turned her mp3 on and " In the End" started blasting through her earphones. It never mattered that the whole classroom was starring in shock at me as my eyes were open wide trying to catch every single verse of the song. 2 hours after that with the song on repeat, on a break I started singing it loud enough for my friend to hear and join the jam session. It was us 2 and the garbage can in the back. Because our voices were not even close to the real deal some of our class mates decided that it would be great to throw whatever they had in hand at us ( that`s how i ended up with a brand new pencil and with a  brand new notebook haha ). And that`s how it all began. Never thought that one song can change a human so much transforming him/her from a shy and non-friendly person to a person that would never shut up and would never stop singing.


Third of all I want to thank Linkin Park for helping me develope a nice personality and win so many people on my side.

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