Somewhere out there on the internets, someone out there is mistagging a bunch of other people's songs as Linkin Park songs. Then people unfortunately download these songs thinking they are Linkin Park.

Most of the time the mistagged songs are actually Grey Daze songs. For the uninitiated (I guess you're new here then), Grey Daze was the band that Chester Bennington sang in way before he joined Linkin Park. They gained some popularity in their hometown, Phoenix, Arizona, before it disbanded. Chester sought out other bands to sing for after that, and that's how he found Linkin Park.

Besides Chester's involvement in Grey Daze, that is as far as it goes. Linkin Park and Grey Daze do not share anything beyond that. They're not even from the same state, as LP is from California.

So it does not make sense to pass off Grey Daze songs as new Linkin Park songs. The songs below are all Grey Daze songs:

From the Album "...No Sun Today"
In Time
Just Like Heroin (A Little Down)
The Down Syndrome
Anything, Anything
Soul Song

From the Album "Wake Me"
What's In The Eye
Morei Sky
Wake Me
Starting to Fly
Holding You
Believe Me (also the name of a Fort Minor song)
Here Nearby
She Shines
Shouting Out

Other Songs:
Come On

On a related note "Given Up" is a Linkin Park song, but "Giving In" is by Adema. And then there's another band, Tribal Ink who got very mistagged as LP on the Internet.

These kinds of bands are probably what LP was referring to when they described one of the many reasons why they changed their sound- their sound was old and too easy to replicate by copycat bands.

This is a list of Tribal Ink songs. If you have come across a mysterio Linkin Park song and you don't know where it came from look up one of these and see if it's a real Linkin Park song

1. "Tribalistic Cuts" -- 4:19
2. "To My Face" -- 3:29
3. "Don't You Push Me"-- 3:18
4. "Refugee" -- 3:13
5. "California Love" -- 3:29
6. "Right Behind You" -- 3:24
7. "I'm Free" -- 3:00
8. "I Try So Hard" -- 3:24
9. "Pick Me Up" -- 3:47
10. "I'm A Liar (Believe Me)" -- 3:43
11. "Try To Be Me" -- 2:37
12. "Living On A Lie" -- 3:41

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Comment by Diana on January 29, 2010 at 11:57pm
Thanks so much....I had made the mistake with Drag....because I was positive it was Chester's voice but I hadn't known about the existence of Grey Daze...
Comment by KATHYxx on January 29, 2010 at 1:17pm
My December is a Linkin Park song.
Comment by KATHYxx on January 29, 2010 at 1:17pm
My December was released on a Christmas CD in 2001. If i remember right, from KROQ
Then it came out on the Frat Party at the Pankake Festival DVD and the LP Underground 2.0 CD.
Comment by Diana on January 29, 2010 at 6:23am
What about My December, the original version? On which album did this song first appear? :)

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