That happened few years ago. I was in school. I asked my friend for his phone, and he gave it to me. I was looking for some music. Then I saw folder titled : LINKIN PARK. I opened the folder and I saw two songs. I choosed second song. Only thing that I could say was that music was so amazing. But friend took his phone, and I kept working. After few weeks, I was listening to radio, and then I heard the same song! I couldn't believe it! After that I decide to found out for that amazing song. But I just couldn't find it, because I didn't know the song title. After maybe two months, I was on P.E. class with one of my friends. She had a mobile phone, and I asked her for it. And again, I saw folder titled LINKIN PARK ( that wasn't the same friend!), I opened it, and there was a huge list of songs. I decided to listen some songs, but unluckilly, battery was low. After that day, when I came back home, I sat on my computer and turn on YouTube. I decided that I'm gonna find that amazing song! And, after a lot of searching, I found it! Song title is Numb. That happened I think two or three years ago. After Numb, I listened New Divide, One Step Closer, In The End and What I've Done. Last year, on my brother's birthday, I bought ATS, it was amazing! Even my parents like it! My Dad's favourite is Waiting For The End, and my Mom's favourite is Iridescent. After that, I realized that Linkin Park is band that I want listen. I bought Hybrid Theory, and fell in love with song With You, then I bought Reanimation, Minutes To Midnight, Meteora, Collision Course, Live In Texas and Road To Revolution. I want to join LPU, but not yet. I like all LP Demos, Undergrounds and Covers, specially their cover of Rolling In The Deep. Rolling In The Deep is very beautiful song, and while he was singing it, Chester showed how his voice can be amazing when he's not screaming. I read critics for ATS by some old fans of LP, and I was suprised, because of that. I was afraid what will be with next album. But I heard Burn It Down few hours ago, and now I know that I won't be disappointed. I'm sorry just because I couldn't be LP fan since Hybrid Theory, because, when Hybrid Theory was released, I was only four years old. Currently, my biggest wish is that Linkin Park comes to my country, Croatia.

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