I sit hire and watch One Step Closer Video... Men, i remember when i saw it for the first time... It was November 2000, we only have MTV in the morning ( from 4 am till 7 am ) i came from my " late" date about 5 o`clock in the morning.. I wanted to make me a coffee , and turned on the TV.. And than i saw this Video, i make it louder , and this was the Moment i " fall in love " with LP... Until than i listen to Limp Bizkit , The Offspring and Guano Apes.. Their Diversity impressed me ( a Blond Front Men, full with awesome tattoo`s , right next to him Red Hair Rap -Men ) and they Rock !!!

Than i look at Iridescent Video, and i can`t believe how much they change in this 11 Years. Brad is the only one that stayed almost the same... And than i thought : " OMG , if this happened to me too and  i did not notice that? "...

I took my Photo Albums, and i tried  to find  for each year one Picture.. Holly Shit !!

I changed so much it`s amazing ! Back to 2000 i was 17 , and how i`m 28 ..

 And if we all changed like that, why we complain about LP change ?!

The only thing i miss is Chester`s lower Lip Piecing ( it was so HOT )... :(

 So, you can try to make the same thing like i do...But don`t  let nostalgia catch you.. ;))

Hire one picture from 2000 and one from 2011 :





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