OK so PLz can someone tell me why I have to be a hypocrite???? *sigh* Let me start from the beginnig. I am currently interning at the local trauma center az a medical technologist. In other wordz I basically work in the Lab in the hospital. Last week I they gave me a mid-way evaluation to let me know how I waz doing. I found out, from this evaluation that i'm a fast learner and that my technical skillz are perfect! BUT....i'm a bit anti-social -_- What the effff? What doez that have to do with working with chemicalz in a lab? Should I strum up a conversation with the sodium acetate? Or maybe, I should invite the Hydrochloric acid to hang out. They expect me to be all smilez when im half asleep because I had to wake up at 5am to get there for 7! And even if I waz awake, i'm not the type of person to send fake smilez to ppl that I dont know. Not only that, they say that I don't ask questions and that that makez me look like im not interested or that i'm bored. What???????????????????? I DON'T ask question BECAUSE I UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! questions are designed to let ppl know that you don't undertand something! NOT asking question should indicate that I understand what they are teaching me! Especailly if i'm a "fast learner!" (calming down) So, their solution to this problem of mine iz, monday upon entering the lab,I must smile and say a happy: HELLO EVERYONE! :) with a cheezy voice and that should make my anti-social problemz go away. Why are people so insecure that it makez them so uncomfortable when someone doesn't smile at them for no reason? If they made a JOKE insted of talking about "that girl should really work out!" or "did u see what she had for lunch?" and if they would stop talking to me in dogz and babiez voicez, maybe I would be more interested IN SMILING! Anothing thing! If smiling to ppl you don't care for, talking to ppl you don't want to talk to and giving huggz waz part of being a lab technologist, then they should include hypocrite 101 az on of the class' of my program! Personally I would rather have someone not smile at me at all rather then send me a fake one!

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