*** Linkin Park, Recently I have become a great fan of your songs. It inspires me and drills my brain hard. I have tried to devote a song for you with all my heart.*******

Last night I fought for my breath cause in my dreams I saw myself as a sinner

I saw myself as a sinner(2)

The cruel me was making its way, shameless, ruthless banishing all the rules

Threatening to damage the masked piousness,

threatening to take away all the good things away.

yes I fear myself as a sinner, yes I dread him, yes I swear I wanna never see him,



But inspite of the murk I am able to see the things possibly invisible in brightness

I see new hope, I see myself breaking the habits, when I see myself as the sinner

Yes its true the guilt , the remorse tears me apart but atleast I am not confused , like that middle finger synonymous to the middle class followers,

I am sure that I am bad , the world will see me as a fucking bullshit, but I am fed up of my luke warm surroundings,

The mediocricity, the "to be always on the safe side" way of living, the fear of loosing,

making me feel like a “ to be whore”  fearing to loose her virginity but she is destined to.

So I want to welcome the sinner with a warm hug, cause at the end of day I don’t regret to be a sinner.

So Yes I fear but I would love to have him, Yes I dread but want Him, Yes I Swear wanna never see him again, but am hoping against hope that he would follow me.

I want to see my dream come true, I rejoice now cause now I AM A SINNER!...


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