First entry in here..

I just don't get how people live more or less together on that planet..

They are shocked if anyone is telling them another opinion.. they're judging without even trying to see why the person is having that opinion.

hugs, kisses and physical contact (even completely innocent !) are almost banned or at least criticized.. when, at least for me, it is the only way i can reach out to people and feel a connection...

yet I'm the one being told "I've got issues", " you need to change", "you're mad"..

what on Earth is mad about hugging a colleague who is having a bad day at work ?

what is wrong about kissing a bride on her wedding day (and i'm not talking about sexy kiss... again some people just assume kiss = sex.... how ? ) ?

(list not exhaustive)

If I listen / listened to all the critics and comments made about me, I would not have any life, any friends, any job. I would be locked in my room, without eating or drinking or going to the loo ! I would not even have reached the age of 7 ! yes.. 7 ... now how sad is that ?

Why can't people realise that other people are different from them ?

Why can't people see that a hug or a kiss or just an arm around one's shoulder is so much more powerful than anything they can say at a difficult time ?

Is that so hard to see and understand ????

I _categorically_ refuse to live in a world where I'm constantly "punished", "pointed at", "criticised", "ignored"...

wait I don't have that right either.... because it would be "selfish", "too black/ white thinking", "too generalised"...

no, instead i'm "in a bad mood","negative" and i need to "pull [yourself] together", "chin up", "everyone's is feeling the same" ....

well if everyone is feeling the same, why are they not shouting it out ? why does nothing change then ? why are you telling me that instead of hugging me ??

what if I kept my chin up for years, and I'm getting tired of it ? should I continue until a nervous breakdown so you can say "what's happened ? ", "poor you" and other meaningless sentences ?

what's the point of all that fakeness ?

how can I shake people up to wake them up and realise that:

I don't want to be/behave identical(ly) to my neighbour..

I want to be me and me only..

i want the world to accept me as I am...

oh wait.. go it wrong again...

"I want, never get"

Anyone got Death phone number ? I "would like" a chat with her (or him if you're a Discworld fan ;) )

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Comment by Anwesha Mohapatra on January 4, 2012 at 6:04am

Chill out!!! Hugs and kisses from me!!!!! No one can contact death, no one knows anythin bout death so... CHILL OUT, I'm being scolded by my parents every single day for who I am, they want me to change and i hate it too, but, who gives a damn, if they cant accept you the way u are, it's their problem!!!!  

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