hey folks,
I wasn't at linkinpark.com for a while - now there's this new style...to be honest: I don't like it at all! it's just too confusing...red letters on a weird blue-ish pixel-dot-whatever-background hurt my eyes and my aesthetic feelings and come on: blue on blue? who can read that??? and there are too many (advertising) banners (blinking) all over the place - and please, what about your new 8BitRebellion Avatars *pfft - how old are you again? I know that most of your fans are not in their 20ies, but there also some adults!!!! ...who are at risk to get an epileptic seizure while watching this page...maybe it's because I'm a scientist and therefor like to get information presented in a clean straight way... or maybe I'm just old...however, I didn't like the old hp too much, but I hate the new one - SORRY!

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Comment by addicted to LP on April 23, 2010 at 8:20am
Yeah I agree with you partially, It is a bit confusing at first sight, but you get used to later on...


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