I LOVE YOU LINKIN PARK! is there anyone out there with contrasting music tastes? i wanna know if im a wierdo or if its normal?

Firstly i would like to say I love linkin park, i have always loved you. I love every thing that you do! Please come to india! Seeing you guys live is on my bucket list!

Secondly Id like to ask if there is anyone with wierd contrasting musical tastes? A lot of people make fun of me because of the contrasting genres I like. :(

I like alternative, soul, pop, bollywood....................

please let me know!

Thirdly does anyone know how I can convince my mom to let me buy a distortion pedal or a schecter hellraiser? i fell in love with that guitar the second i saw it at the store!

Fourthly Is it just me or is there anyone out there who feels like the band sold out on them when they let their song be used by the movie twilight?

Fifthly I love this guitar cover can someone help me with those tabs?


Thanks for taking the time to read this! :)

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