I do not care if it's warm or grass.
What matters to me the air?!.
Who am I to defend myself?.
I never did assert, and too late to start now.

I can only imagine, what day is tomorrow ...
If the only thing I think is only in power to see,
If you know that he would rub my feet with 37 miles and miles ...
(So ​​you call it, but for me is nothing when it comes to IT).

For a gift I love my hair
See you and say hi and give away my eyebrows.
NOW! Who cares ?!... I love so much trouble ... I'm so bipolar ...

I found that I fall in love with you so you have inside
I discovered that I am very jealous, but fortunately I am not scandalous ...
I hate that you have someone you love so much ... and talk like her .. Why not me? ...

NOW! Who cares?! I loved and I love you so much.

I am a liar who does not accept false love.
What is this? For you love is evil.

And even given up trying to love me,
And even renounce stop thinking about you.
As you think over what I live
and when I realize I'm walking my mind while I held ...

I know you still continue loving,
Is that no one understands this, you know why?
Because what I feel for you
And you do not have the courage to tell
In no other way than to make you read,
It makes me so bipolar ....

I quit, I give myself, I fall in love, I was disappointed, I die 24 HS, Revive ...
We are many, many men waiting for their princess
This frog will spend these lines;
And sing for our friendship is not ruined,
so we can confess that when we're old ...

Breathe the smoke of feelings,
I smoke a cigar love
It's so bad for my Iluciones,
It affects the way I breathe the day.
Addiction is a simple ... Make it thinking you live in my mind.
Make you kiss in my dreams .... melt you in my heart and soul ...


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