I went rock climbing with my friends while on a class picnic today. We jus did it for fun; so we didn't have harnesses or any other form of safety equipment (don't worry; it was a total of about 50 feet) . Halfway up, i looked down for a second and actually FREAKED OUT! it was so damn scary...1 slip and I was DEAD (or with a broken limb)!
So, there I was; thinking of how stupid I was to do such a dangerous thing...when I suddenly heard Mike Shinoda's voice in my head singing "We Made It" (Busta Rhymes ft LP). So, I got myself to a slightly safer area of the rock and sat and sang Mike's part of the song aloud twice....and, as if by magic, I OVERCAME MY FEAR and actually continued up the rock. From then on, whenever I slipped a bit, I would just shout "TOGETHER WE MADE IT" and I would feel better :)
When I FINALLY made it, my friends, who heard me sing while they overtook me, all yelled "YAYY! U MADE IT!" lol! it was such a relief...

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Comment by Shazreen Jamal on February 16, 2010 at 4:56pm
That's amazing.


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