good day to all!

                       hi to every one...........

happy good friday to all of us here! now once again, as a christian filipino people, we are celebrating the holy week. i dont know from other community if they are celebrating also this lenten season. this is the right time to repent our sins in a heartfelt. those which is a serious manner.

                     well, so much for that, im a good samaritans and im an avid fan of yours!

i love your music from previous songs up to your latest music. but i was astonished why you had change the way youmake a song! i really love the former linkin park which is most of your songs and album was an alternative music. the way you prform here in the philippines, i love to hear your songs. your songs is my lollaby when i got sleepy!

i got easilly sleep when i felt sleepy then i played your songs.your performance here in the philippines was excellent and i really enjoyed it., but i felt i was not satisfied. i want more on it.

                     i love the rap style of mike shinoda, the way chester sing the songs, the drummer was really good, all the band members perform very good!

                   i hope that one of this days, youll be here for the second time around! i missed your performance guys!

                  take care a lot of your name, and please be reunite as one linkin park..........

                  GOD BLESS LINKIN PARK.............

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