Yesterday I had lunch with my friends. They were razzing on me for not going with them to a concert last winter because I decided it was too cold. Then got on my case that I was willing to go out in the cold to see Linkin Park proceeding by saying all linkin park fans are asshole.

 Does that mean I'm asshole for liking Linkin Park, should I be offended?

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Comment by Lionel Jacques on February 15, 2011 at 11:46am

Sandra...take it from an old guy...NEVER APOLOGIZE for WHO you like or what you enjoy listening to!!! EVER!!!

EVERYONE is different and if your 'friends' have problems...find new ones!! You'll save your self alot of grief through life!!  Just an honest response!! LP is amazing and i've gone to concerts for over 40 years! Don't let anyone influence you to miss opportunities to enjoy special times.  Love Life and experience what you can because things can change in a moment!


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