I think people need to give a thousand sun a chance

Couple week ago,
I purchased the LP new album entitled Thousand Suns . I have been listening to this album everyday on my way to work. Some of the song's that has caught my attention beside Catalyst. Are the following Wretches and Kings, Burning in the Skies. When they come for me, Waiting for the end, and Thousand Sun full experience.
What I love about the Thousand Sun full experience is the eerie female voice in the beginning and then with Mike rap. I love the line "I'm not a monkey and I'm not going dance to get funky".

I read some of the comments on Itunes how people were disappointed with the new album and how they thought the band has lost their touch. First off I respect people opinion and think everyone has the right to say what they think. But seriously I think people has pass judgement too quickly without really giving the album a chance.

So what the album does not sound like the previous album, it does not mean that Linkin Park has lost their touch in anyway shape or form. It just means they are growing as musicians and showcasing that they are not just some one trick pony. Being a diehard Linkin Park fan, I expect something different every time I listen to them. Being a true music enthusiast , I always supported the artist and embrace them in whatever direction they went.

Who cares they lost some fan's they weren't true Linkin Park soldiers because a true LP hybrid solider support the band through and through. Being them from their low time to their high time never leave their side when things get tough.

This band mean so much too me and seeing people bashing them make me just angry on how much this band has not influenced music but given back to society. That people think they have the right to say Linkin Park is Dead.

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