Dear Linkin Park !


    I hope so you dont make fun of me, about  that what I would like to write to you.  I m your fan  from begining  group LP . I have all your albums and I was on concert in Chorzów in Poland . It was just great . I admire your music and lyrics of songs.  I guess for us - your fans,    lyrics of your songs means a lot. sometimes we can  identify  with some of them.  But especially I would like you write about me and my little son.  Two years ago  I born a child. We didnt know that he has a syndrom Down - Trisomia . It was a big schock for me and my familly . I didnt want to talk to nobody and see anybody in first couple weeks. In second day of my son life he had an operation of occlusion duodenum. He spend  2 months in hospital. We also spend couple next months on next operation on pulmonary artery and open heart.  About 1 year we were figting of his life because he was so weak and so small. But finally we survive. Now we are spending a lot of time to rehabilitation our son . We have to work reflex condition to start a crwaling, siting .  maby  he will start standing and walking in next year. My son has 2 years now and finally he can smile and laugh. And you know? Its because of you guys! And your musc. When he heard your musc first time , I rememer it was song : What Ive done ( we were in hospital then) and he look at me and start to smile and laugh. That was his first smile ever.  At the moment when he hear your music he strat to smile and little dance on his way. Maby its stupid and funny what I wrote but your music makes me feel better, give me a strong power to fight with sad , hard moments. And your music  makes my son happy, its like music therapy. So I would like you to thank you for that  what you are doing . You give poeople a hope  for better future. One more time thank you and wish you all the best guys. Maby some day you will visit Poland again and who knows I will see you .  Wish you all the best !!!!!


   P.S sorry for my gramar ;)    your bi fan Agnieszka and her little son  Mikey

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