If you don't like A Thousand Suns cd then go find something you like

The main reason Linkin Park has always been my favorite band is because they are always making music that does not have a genre, it is so different from anything you have ever heard. Since day one with Hybrid Theory till now with their newest cd their music always has a distinct sound to it that makes it have a style of it's own.

Obviously their newest cd they were trying to experiment with new sounds and new styles so don't give them shit for trying something new because every band has the right to do so. Even if the new cd is different from their earlier cd's you have to appreciate the deeper meanings the songs on this cd has, if you actually listen to the lyrics you might find out what kind of message they are trying to tell. For the slower songs on the cd they are truly peaceful and make you reflect on memories, your life, and they give you a uplifting feeling that no matter what you can accomplish anything. My favorite song on the cd is "Wretches and Kings" I really think they got something with that style of music, it's hard hitting and makes you want to get up and fuck shit up. For everyone that doesnt like their newest cd, well that's your opinion go and find something you like and stop complaining about the cd, Linkin Park tried something new and you gotta love their effort for pushing the limits to their style of music. The only two things I wish Linkin Park could change is that I've missed from the last two cd's Minutes to Midnight and A Thousand Suns is that I wish there was at least one track were Mr.Hahn had a solo song like Cure for the Itch (Hybrid Theory) and Session (Meteroa) those are some badass tracks, and I beleive Chester Bennington will forever be the best screamer in the world his voice is so unbelievable raw when he screams so I wish there was more him just ripping the tracks with his screams, but overall no compliants from me about the new album it's different and I like it.

Thank you Linkin Park for providing your fans with another amazing album/experience and keep on defining music

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Comment by Kelsi on September 21, 2010 at 1:45pm
Wow, love your honest opinion!
Comment by Tiernan (Moderator) on September 21, 2010 at 1:12pm
Thank you for your opinion on the new album, and for your openmindedness about Linkin Park and the musical journey they're taking! :)


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