Damn, it's been a while...


I have had journals here many times, and due to various things happening I've had to leave...and the last time I was here was for LPU6 (damn, is that 4 years ago??) but because of personal and health issues had to leave....my name is Saire May, but these days most people call me Yam, so that's the name I use almost everywhere these days.


I have been keeping tabs on Linkin Park though, I still listen to them regularly and never forget that the Hybrid Theory LP was something that saved my life (yes, I know how over the top and dramatic that sounds, but it is actually true.) and they recently helped me through 2 hospital stays due to cardiac issues.


So yes, I'm back....how long for?  I have absolutely no idea...I'm hoping to join LPU again soon (maybe buy the membership as a birthday present next month) and get the remaining LPU CDs for my collection too.


Maybe chat and see some of you guys around the site!!

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