What inspires you to succeed in life? What drives you to be more than what you can be? Where do youi turn to when you feel alone, miserable, ...ect? If you are looking for peace, or a place to unwine where do you ngo? or What do you do?....I'm asking these questions for a pearsonal reason that I'll explain on a later blog...I what to know these things for "advice" o how I can better my self in the aspect of not have to bottle all my emotions up any more. Well ya so if you do answer please answer truthfully. And I also want ALL Linkin Park members(band and online followers) to answer these questions.

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Comment by Your Conscience on March 19, 2010 at 10:39am
My inpiration comes from my personal past, so it may not help you, but...

The people who love me are the reason I strive to be a better person. I may not think I'm capable of doing much, but I try to be everything that the ones I care about see in me so I won't let them down. And I find that the only way to help myself sometimes, is to forget about myself and help others. I'm nothing if I'm not making a difference in the lives of my fellow man...

When I feel alone, I usually turn to art. I'll either write a song, draw/paint my emotions out, or just sit back and drown in music (usually Linkin Park *wink*). Other times, I'll go for long walks or just sit in the shower/bath and let the water encase me; somehow, that helps me relax.

I won't lie; sometimes I do still bottle up my emotions, but I try not to. If you're looking for ways to deal with your problems, find somebody you trust and just talk it out. Or, find a stranger online who wouldn't mind listening (if you want, you can e-mail me anytime: supportMFR@live.com). Or, if you're looking to just distract yourself, try art, exercise, or meditation...

I hope this helps you with whatever it is you're doing. ^_^

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