Hi everyone, I'm 27 years old, born and raised in rural North Carolina. I spent most of my life escaping into technology and asking the questions you aren't supposed to ask. I host a modernist freestyle poetry website which I hope you will explore: http://poetictransfiguration.blogspot.com/

I write, paint, quite terribly I might add, and am trying to learn the ocarina. I guess you could call me a political, social, and economic critic, but then who isn't these days? I suffer from epilepsy and cluster headaches, brutal things if you've ever had them, and have worked as a lifeguard for a local YMCA, a network & systems analyst for a major retail outlet, and have been working as an independent contractor and providing technical/hardware support remotely, on-site, and as part of a corporate project which had an NDA so that's pretty much all I can say. I year to grown in knowledge and understanding and would like to start an alternative energy company here in North Carolina. Our governor, senators, and representatives may all be insane, but you will find pockets of free spiritedness, naturalism, and creativity all throughout the state. I was born the s0n of a tobacco farmer, who died of cancer, but I am determined to bring the light of liberty, wisdom, justice, and love back to my home. 

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