John Barletta wanted to take the kids in his car and send me in an ambulance. I said no, the kids aren't going anywhere with you. We bickered and argued in front of the cops and finally I agreed to go if all me anna and emily rode to the hospital together. John wouldn't let me drive, he made us go in an ambulance. There they took us to Kent County Hospital, which is very close to the daycare. We waited a long time when finally an elderly woman took me by myself to private room to do an evaluation, while a nurse sat with the kids. Idon't remember the woman's name who did the evaluation. Meanwhile, through this whole process, John was standing at the counter, with a HUGE SMIRK on his face the whole time while talking on his cell phone. I finished the evaluation and was sent to sit back with the kids. Finally, after waiting a long time, an older man with silver, salt and pepper hair and glasses,(don't remember his name), came over to me and started talking to me. I was very sarcastic to him,, He said, watch your step/attitude, I decide what happens to you.So he leaves again for a long while. Finally he comes back and I think he said he spoke to Lisa Giusti,( of Atwood Ave, Cranston RI #401-944-9997), my long time couunselor. He said it had been decided that i had to go to Butler hospital inpatient for a week to be evaluated by the professionals. I had been seeing a doctor for treatment of major reoccuring depression there for many years, since like I was 18. His name is Dr. Qualls. So at that point it became apparent to me that John Barletta was going to be permitted to leave with the chidren. I burst into hysterical sobs, I asked him if he had car seats. He said that he did, and then he asked me where I wanted him to take the children. I said my ex-husbands parents, (his father Ralph and stepmother Karen) They live at 50 Eagle Dr/Rd in Scituate RI. John said yup I know right where it is. So he leaves with them, there was definetly no time to wave good bye. I'll NEVER forget the image BRANDED on my brain of this shady character walking away with my babies. they were looking back at me, looking scared and uncertain. Before John Barletta left he gave me another business card the name John Perletta on it. I was so distraght at the time that it didn't register that it was a different name then the one he'd given me at Hasbro Chidsafe. The telephone numbers weredifferent too. I then asked to use the phone at the desk in the hospital. to call my ex-husband Ralph Albert Matter III on his cell phone at 401-742-4663. Ralph answers and tells me that he just talked to john and told him to take the kids to my parents house instead. I had a full blown panic attack when I heard that. I asked himwhy would you do that based on the history. I can't even remember what his response was. I said something like, through falling tears, well at least we had 6 and 4 years together. Ralph told me he was flying in from CA that night and that my parents would pick him up at TF Green Airport at like 10 am on 9.1.06. I then was taken to Butler Hospital where I was held for a week. After that incident, I dropped Sandra Smith as a lawyer. Next, I hired Jeffrey Perlow of Cranston. I gave him $5000, he did zip for me. It was apparent he could care less about truly helping me. So then, I decided to use Kathy Haggerty-who supposedly handled the Station fire case, she was recommended to me by a short red headed crackhead from AA meetings. She lives in Coventry, I don't remember her name. She was going through a divorce at the time, was a Yankees fan, she had two kids, I think her little girls name was Julia and she had an older teenage daughtet, don't remember her name. Kathy Haggerty did nothing for me to. cONVEINENTLY, AFTER i WAS released from Butler Hospital, Barbara Russo of Stop and Shop invited me to go out to a bar. I went, and conveinently my purse was stolen, so I no longer had the proof that John had given me two different business cards.

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