We are leaving Norway this friday! I'm sooo excited! :)

I am not sure yet about all the buses in Denmark, and in Norway too, but I will find out that tonight I think. (Have to work today cause I can't do it tomorrow and of course not in the weekend.) I hope that my friends is accepting my plan xD It's going to be fine I think.

Birgitte was on the concert in Paris this monday! :) Poor her, she had stood in a line since 11 am, but 12-1 pm she had enough. She walked out of the line and bought a digital camera (she had a SLR camera and that was not aloud), and she was in the line again 4 pm. After a long time, she realized that she was standing in a wrong line!! :o Poor little thing <3

She had to stand in line behind 10.000 people :(

But I think she had a really good experience:) Mike was stagediving and Birgitte was 2 meter away from him :D She loves Mike Shinoda so she was veeeeery happy :D

Birgitte are going to Denmark with me, so she is going to see LP for the second time this week xD She's crazy!

And she's attending the LPU Summit this november, so within a month she's going to see them three times!! x) (She has seen them three times before, and attending at two Meet&Greets.)

I LOVE BØRRE <3 hihi

But yes: I'M EXCITED!!!!!! :D

I haven't seen them before, and now I have heard all of their songs, and I like them alot :D I think it's so unreal that I am going to see them IRL this saturday ;D

I hope our trip to Denmark is going well, and the concert is great (it's guaranteed, right? ;)) and that we're going home with no problems.

Wish us good luck! ;)

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