Dispite the fact that I wasn't able to go to any concerts of Linkin Park this year. I did get to see some shows (Itunes festival and Russia) and that was great guys. Linkin Park do make an affort for there fans. That keeps supricing me. So in my opinion I didn't have to miss my faverite band at all. Thanks you guys.

My brother said something that did make me mad about LP. He said that he didn't like there new CD it was lame or something like that. I said well that's your opinion. But next time don't say it to a LP fan thanks. So I thought we were done with that subject. He came to visit me one day. And when he came in I had MTV on. And guess what came on. Yes LP with Burning in the skies. You know what he said. Hey that sounds good. My response: Did you even listen to the new CD yet.

If you want to make a comment about somebody's CD listen to the complete CD before you say it's lame. What a idiot.


Greetings from the Netherlands

xxx Anke

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