Hi! ;D

I just wanted to blog a little. I don't know why, but I like to blog in English ;) I've become a little better to write in English lately, and I think I can thank linkinpark.com for that. I'm sorry if I do some mistakes, but I don't speak English at all in my daily life ;) (I wish I did)


It's almost 2 months since the LP concert I went to in Denmark. It's a little wierd, cause the time has gone so fast, but so slowly too. I'm soooo interested in LP now, and I can call myself a fan! x) I still don't understand why I didn't listen to them from when Birgitte was telling me about them. Their music is just great!

At monday we got a very big suprise! I was home a little late, I had been on the mall and walking around for 2 hours to buy some Christmas gifts, and I was really tired... But this (obviously) woke me up!

I saw it on Facebook first. A new LPTV video. I thought it had to be one of the short films again. But I couldn't just ignore it either. As soon as I started to watch the video, I suddenly remembered that my best friend talked in front of the camera at some point at the soccer cup. And YES, there she was!! :D I'm so excited!! :D She's so cute; "I'm from Norway". :D


BUT. The best ting EVER. I can't describe how big this is. For me, and especially for my friend! In the middle of the meet&greet Mike was talking about KWAN, the doll he thought that was a voodoo doll and if he did put a pin in it, Brad would feel the pain. Even if people surely don't remember it like all of the other fun things they've said before, it's like "allah akbar"-episode where Mike is holding a pinguin and said "She said this looked like me. It's pretty round."

For us, it's really cool! She has made 3 Kwans before, and one of them are at her room with signatures from Mike and Phoenix, from a meet&greet in Finland in 2009. For us, Kwan has lived since late 2007 or early 2008. And now Kwan is kinda famous and MIKE has talked about him :D Isn't that big?! ;) It's the best Christmas gift this year!


Now I look forward to the next concert I'm going at, whenever it will be x) It seems like a long time to. I just hope they come to Europe around during the time they're going to England at the Download Festival (Unfortunately I can't attend it cause it's too expencive). But I don't know. *hopes*.


I have to say that I'm looking forward to summer even though I'm not attending a concert! Cause now it's so cold outside and I'm freezing sooo much! It's been like -20 degrees, brrrr....

But now It's CHRISTMAS! We've decorated the christmas tree today and tomorrow we're at my grandparents' house with an uncle and a aunt (they're brother and sister btw). At the morning my brother and I are going to my aunt, uncle and 5 cousins, and we are eating rice pudding. And at the evening we eati ribs and other meat. Then we're opening all of the gifts :D Can't wait ;) !


But this is a looong blog post! I'M SORRY! I just have to say everything XD


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